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@ Saturday, August 01, 2009

Yes, December..

I planned to goto Taiwan with Mr Wirriam this December but there's a change of plans.
Lower budget, we shall head to KL instead.

Actually I worry that Mr Wirriam may not have enough work leave.
If he were to goto taiwan, he got zero leave left for other days of the year and I think it's always important to have at least one of two leaves incase of emergency.
So I guess this trip may save him some work leave..

And second, I hope I can visit Fullhouse cafe~

Third, after all the iPhone craze.
Very tight budget now.
I don't want to see us scrimp and save just for a holiday trip.
I doubt a little money can survive us for more than a week in overseas.

Sorry Wirriam, probably I've disappoint you.

But hey, I'm sure we will have great fun with the 2 other girls too~
And for the first time we gonna spend our Christmas out of Singapore.
At least it's something different (looking at the brighter side...)




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