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For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction.
@ Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I hope you didn't make a wrong decision but I'm sure you won't regret it somehow if you feel that you're doing the right thing.

I know how that instant feeling feels like.
It's how I felt during early this year when I decided to withdraw off from my degree studies.
That immediate decision made, almost instantly.
Feels weird, feels not right, feels like it's a fatal decision but it just feels so good which can't really describe.
It's a wishlist, a dream to accomplish before, but never know it's actually a burden to you.

That immediate happiness, something that shed off from your heavy shoulders.
Now you feel that the world is clearer, lighter, and you'll able to see further.

They ask me why did I forgo my studies.
Especially it's a degree. Something which is hard to come by after 17 years of education.

Like what I mentioned to you, it's that 80-90%, so near yet so far, and why are we still giving up?

I don't know, I just think life shouldn't be that way.
We do what we like, we do what we feel like.
Following the same herd, doing the same things as other people, and being not happy.
I'm not saying those who pursue their further studies are making a wrong choice.

My main point is.. if you feel like doing something, just do it.
You only have a life time, a chance, an opportunity and a spilt second to decide something.
Once you miss it, it never come again. Even if it does, its never be the same as before.
Just like you being 21 years old once or like a meteor that falls from sky at this moment/time/day.

It all reminds me of the PhD who become a taxi driver and wrote a blog with full of eventful incidents during his work shift. And that reminds me again.. the Japanese movie - Departure.

They all tells me the same thing and reflects my life:
Having the best thing isn't the best in the world but exploring things around you which you didn't expect may turn out to be the best thing for you.

Even how much the world despise or look down on you, prove it to them, show it to them that it's different from what they see.

Satisfaction, contentment, happiness - These 3 key things that everyone is seeking for.
You'll live and die without regrets as long you have them.

After so long I finally did my prayers because of some weird incident which happened to me few days ago.

Silent prayers - things you wish and hope for..

I remembered I used to have a long full list of things I want and what I lack of in life in the past. Lack of confident, lack of self esteem, and everything else.

And it's only after that day, I realise I got nothing more to ask for except good health and safety to everyone including myself. It gives me a definite answer that my life and myself has changed.
Looking back again, yeah I really did - all within a short period of time.
I feel that I've learn so much during the first half of the year.
So much that I don't even get to learn all these in school.
It's not about knowledge but about erm, i don't know what is it. (lol)

Thank you friends, thank you people.
And thanks to all those who've supported me all these while.
I know I'm being very formal but that's what I am. :p

Right, time to work a little before I goto sleep.
A long day tomorrow.

PS. Tomorrow Mr Wirriam is booking out soon. WOOT, that's fast!
And next Friday is Kimi's 1st birthday, and Saturday is her birthday party. :O

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