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@ Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I'm getting iPod Touch 32GB soon.

Getting rid of the first gen iPod touch 8gb to Wirriam :x

iMac failed on me again. Bringing fo service soon.
I bought the snow leopard CD and can't even experience it. tmd.

I won't dare to upgrade my macbook cuz i scared it crash on me cuz it has similar problems in the past and haven't totally solve the root. Think i gotta bring both down.

You know what? I realise I'm the sweyest applefan.
iPod touch wifi gone because it went for a swim - replaced.
Mighty Mouse died just few months after iMac purchase - was replaced.
iMac got problem after 6 months purchased, now 1 year: same problem persist
Macbook got similar problem as iMac but not as serious.
My MSN spending speed is almost lke 56kb/s when using my mac with my starhub cable and I can't find the reason or even how to troubleshoot it.

Though all these stuff gives bad impression to Windows users
But all my friends who are using mac don't face all these shit!
Tell me why! Tell me why!

Just not fated... zzzz

I just wanna upgrade to MBP.
No reason. lol.

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