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For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction.
@ Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Probably god is trying to test me.
Teaching a real good lesson for eating instant noodles when I'm hungry during midnight.

I was doing work halfway and feeling hungry.
Went into my kitchen and was torn between Asam Laksa or Beehoon Soto.
Ok, I feel like eating something spicy today.

I was thinking of something, while opening it.
Didn't realise some stuff on the packet, I slowly took the instant noodles out.

Then I saw some quite stuff on the noodle.
And it looks like a web.
Yeah I totally hate spiders and webs.
So I like 'WTF' and threw the uncooked noodle on the table.
Saw many crumbs dropped off and I take a good look at it, it's filled with white web.

I took the noodle up and saw the small crumbs can 'hang' on and it's all web.
WTF. Totally wtf, I throw down the noodle again and anticipate something to come out from inside or probably it's dead.

I took the packet and saw 2009 on it.

Omg, did it expire?
Next number: 09
OMG i think it's expired.
... 28. Nope, almost.

Turned my head and look at the noodle again.

I saw something crawling out.
I expect it to be a spider but hell no, it's something short... wait.. becoming longer and longer and it's out from the noodle.


I really lost my appetite, and don't even bother if I take any good pictures this time round.
My hair just stand and giving me the chills.

I went to flush the worm down the toilet bowl.
Went back to the noodle, feeling so disgusted like mad.
Threw away the noodle and tie the plastic bag.
Clean the table twice.
And I went to bathe because I'm feeling so irky and disgusting and paranoid that any of the small little eggs hang around my body cuz I saw small things on the table which I don't even care what is that because it's the freaking first time that I encounter such stuff.

I was STILL torn between THAT and other noodles.
And ended up I chose tomyam beehoon instead.
I wouldn't have notice it if I cook it yesterday as I usually cook instant noodle with haste.

At the same time I want to thank god that I'm distracted by some thoughts in my mind just now. Otherwise I won't even notice it and even open the packet slowly.

I really have to thank god that my dog is hungry.
Because the pot and stove is in use for cooking her meat.

If not I would have throw the noodle into the boiling quickly without waiting for the meat to be cooked.

People, please check the expiry date before eating.
Please CHECK the noodle before you throw into the water.

I'm gonna quit eating that for now.
At least a few weeks.

I don't even dare to open that cupboard because I think there may some more worms hiding inside. Argh, wtf......................!


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