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For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction.
@ Thursday, September 17, 2009

When i said its OUT it means its OUT. No more.

But I just can't stand the fakeness: Telling so much to someone yet the next moment talking about another, Hah.
I'm not bloody affected but it just thank god that I never give any second chance at all.

Think twice? Never.

It's making me feel so bloody disgusted to meet such person on Earth.
I'm not totally shutting off but I just don't even see a need or a point to get contacted with someone who isn't sincere at all.

Get out of my sight!

Anyway, the day before I got the worm incident.
And yesterday I got the pot incident.
Almost burn the kitchen, the bloody pot is giving out soot and smoke and everything.
I thought who the heck BBQ at such hour and once I open my door, my house is in a haze like PSI 1000. And that instant, I remembered the boiling pot of meat for my dog.

Suffocating like hell, until now the house still got that burnt smell.

Smelly girl in smelly house.
What's next?!

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