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@ Monday, October 05, 2009

May coco get well soon.

I went back home and immediately bathe her.
Saw that unsightly swallon sick eye, the fur just can't go off her eyes.
It's like almost rotting - I just feel so scared & lost until I cry while telling Wirriam when I really don't know how to help her.

Immediately bring her to Animal recovery centre.

And oh my hell god, I'm like watching the most disgusting thing in my life.
The way the vet examine her eyes it's like digging for her eyeball. Looks like gonna pop out that instant and with all the pus & swallon piles inside. OMG... Really can't get that image out of my head.

He took this eye test just to see if it's dry eye or something.
He stuff a piece of paper (not normal paper) into her eye and force her to close it for a few seconds.

Sighs, really poor her.

I think the worst is eye infection because it's one of your organ.
I just scared she will be blind.

Check her eye and it got a green thing inside and said it's a bruise. Like an eye injury.
Nothing they can do for now, gave me eye drops for eye infection.
Gave her a jab to relieve the swell and got to monitor her for the next 5 days.
If still persist, I got to bring her back and do another test.

Hopefully not because he said it might do some damage to her eyes as they got to stick some stuff in her eye to check. (omg yah i know, yucks!!)

Sorry guys, I know you all might be contacting me thru email or sms.
Give me a little time to get back to u.
Really got to put more attention to my little one here..

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