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@ Sunday, October 25, 2009

who gives a damn?
why bother replying indirectly?
(and forever!)

the presence is a deadly chore. now i'm getting rid of everything.
the very old the recents and all the ones which are an eyesore to me.
it feels so shiok like clearing my old wardrobe!
And yin, very big thank you~
you JY too, because I got lots more to JY and learn from you.

Time to sleep, after many days of not sleeping much.
So much work to do.
And tomorrow is a Sunday, more work to do.
I can feel my body is breaking.
No kidding at all, my body just tell me that I'm gonna breakdown very soon.
My mind my body my organs, my tongue are giving me lots of symptoms.

Anyway, here's one update:

We wish to announce that there will be a Halloween
Bloody Sale @ theblogshop in Haji Lane from tomorrow onwards till next Friday (25th - 30th Oct 2009).

There will be up to 20% discount storewide!

onlinebanner.jpg picture by khloe3074k

What will you be expecting are all great cameras, films (yes they are also part of the discounted items), and even fashion apperals from other famous blogshops like Tracyenny, The Blush inc, and other fashion accessories like bags, necklaces, and all kinds of cool stuff!

If you haven't drop by there, be sure not to miss this great chance to get great deals during this one week promotional period and able to browse all famous blogshops items in a retail shop!

Besides, there will be a flea event tomorrow (Sunday, 25th Oct 2009) in Haji Lane and you may able to dig some valuable treasures along your way there!

So what are you waiting for!

theblogshop is located at
35 Haji Lane S(189228)

Opens daily from 12 noon - 10 pm

Feel free to contact me via sms at 8223 8333 if you need directions incase you not sure how to head down or any further enquiries!

In addition, we would like to announce that you can expect to see our cameras in Marina Square at Cactus outlet (infront of Starbucks coffee)!

photo.jpg picture by khloe3074k

It's located at the middle of the store, on the right side once you enter the shop, just incase if you missed that.

photo2.jpg picture by khloe3074k

We will be improving the visual outlook pretty shortly.
Do give feedbacks if you have any!

Experience them in shop to get a quicker experience of it.
Just feel free to approach the sales assistants if you need any help there.

You will expect to see new stuff launching up in retail outlets.
Each of them will have some exclusive items in specific stores.
You may never get to see them in our online site.
To get quickier updates, do join our facebook fan page by clicking HERE.

We have the Vista Quest 1015 Entry 'lomo' digital camera and Superheadz Digital Harinezumi in Far East outlet.

Diana F+, Diana Mini, LC-A+ are exclusive in Haji Lane.

Coke can cameras exclusive in Marina Square outlets.

We will be very greatful if you can spread around the word and share some lomo love with your friends when you are doing your retail theraphy!

Once again, we will like to thank everyone for supporting us.
Have a very great Sunday.

PS. All pending emails orders and enquiries will be replied by tomorrow afternoon as we are involved with an outdoor event just today. We need some time to settle down our stuff and thank you very much for your kind understanding and patience! We appreciate it!


Funny thing bout Wirriam is he's waiting for me before he goto bed - in another room.
Sms me 'Hello' and i replied him back. And I can even hear his SMS tone just a wall away.

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