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@ Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Alicia gave me a hobby now.
Doing crappy things with perler beads.
(Now I know what kind of gifts I can give to Wirriam le. Next birthday i give him Perler beads and nothing else. HOW COOL RIGHT.)

At least my mind was calm while doing it.
And tada,

Glynis laughed when I was saying make a big one and hang at your phone.
Make sure it slap at someone beside you when you answers the call.
I mean it ok! At least this isn't THAT big yet but it's my biggest mobile phone deco so far.

My favourite pokeball, with my favourite juice diamond from STAGE.
Happy enough while looking at it.

That day we went to meh meh farm.
Almost closing. Not allowed to feed.
But I was feeding the ants there instead.
They bite me like hell till I got so pissed off, jumping around like some monkey.
Yet that Wirriam still can laugh in plurk. -_-
I was pissed as everyone in there are wearing slippers and I'm wearing 3/4 covered yet I got bitten and they got none?

I bought 8 bottles of 200ml goat milk back.
Proven to be alkali and sooth stomach when you got gastric or bloatedness.
Cow milk will make you bloated more as it's acidic.

I don't know why something just tells me I ought to try this method to help my condition.
Although I knew goat milk is able to help people with stomach problems but I never have the wisdom to try it at all until just recently.

We gonna get them delivered to house every week.
I'm so in love with goat milk now. I stop drinking HL since I start my first bottle of goat.
It's like my body knows something is good for me and it will crave for more than anything else.

After last week, I feel my life has changed.
Struggling with emotions for a week and now I can see the world a little brighter now.

What change? I feel I got the motivation or vision to do things I want.
I know my goal, I know my aims better than before.
I feel that my EQ level has increased.
Lesser whines, lesser complains. I see things a little bit different now.
I feel I have more wisdom, able to think a little wiser than before.
I don't know what else.. I feel I accept the things around me more than in the past.
And I feel happy.

Although things are still pretty much the same.
But I think it will continue to improve :)

Jiayou me.
Good night people.
Shit its almost 3, all because of that pokeball!


Oh by the way, I finally gonna head to Esplanade Concert Hall for a classical orchestra concert this April.
My dream gonna be fulfilled.

AND.... Xiao Zhu's concert this year gonna be 3 days after my birthday!
Very happy! I will buy his tickets! Gonna be the best birthday present ever for myself!

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