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@ Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Gonna get the Apple iPad soon.
That is if I found someone goes to the states during May.

Thinking of getting the 64GB WiFi+3G, that cost S$1160.60 (converted USD with ER of 1.40)

We'll see how it goes but I bet it's cheaper getting from there than in Singapore.

It shall be my best 22nd Birthday present from myself. :D

I had hell of pain the past week, gastric attacks, bla bla bla.
Nothing usual.
The weather is making me more lazy and sleepy.

Manage to sleep at 4am yesterday due to pain.
I puked out everything and doze off as I was real tired.
Wanted to take a snapshot of my puke in the toilet bowl.
Nothing disgusting.
But there's still some noodles that I ate during dinner.
And some, well I don't know what are they.
Curds of goat milk, oil, and acids.

They are all green cuz my mom force me to drink in the probiotic powders to fight the bacteria.. But i puked it out.

And oh, probably it help me a little by clearing my bowels twice today.

I wonder when will be my last day of suffering.
It's been... let see.. 10 years now.
I always ask myself how much longer can my stomach take it..In 10 years time, I'm afraid to get stomach cancer.

Don't know how to fix this.

I wonder how..

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