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For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction.
@ Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I found part of it.
That is to start off a bit of my lifestyle.
People who lacks of it will always be lost, isn't it?

I wanted to start to get my interest in reading, it's essential.
First person I talk to this morning is Rosental, she's one of my customer and I know her from Plurk network. I would thank her for reminding it (I will do so when time to come - for a reason).

If she didn't mention I would have forgotten what I need to do. It just so happen to meet the right person at a right time. I always like this feeling.

I deleted everyone in Plurk because I feel the people I don't really know doesn't make good use to me in my network.

I was really wrong.
The more u shut things off the more u will stay the same, forever.
She was another person who I talked about some values of life, the other was Glynis.

She take my words quite seriously, which surprised me how much she grown after I add her back just recently. God knows why I accept her back. It just gives me a feeling to bring in people I used to meet in the past.

Sometimes life is just so magical. You can't describe the right word to describe it. That instant someone give you a pencil to write the things you wanted to write for all the longest time. Magically, you thought back what happened, the people who you really trying to help actually help you back instead. Like more of the other way round situation, as though I'm the one should need help more.

The other person has already given you all the lead for the pencil for you to start writing. I don't know what I'm going to write. At least I've already written a few words: The new phase of life, Chapter 14.

I don't know where did I last stop but that doesn't matter.
What most important is in that chapter.

I'm someone who likes to talk about my own life and the things I see. You guys know it.
The people who used to follow my blogs for years without me knowing it, like Alicia and yin.

Though I'm only near 22. I just wanna thank everyone that I know them because they made me know I have a worthful 22 years. I know I'm still young and there's so many other things I've yet to encounter. All these incidents makes me think that age is not an issue....

It's what we believe in.

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