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For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction.
@ Monday, March 22, 2010

I had a quite eventful week last week, especially the weekend.

I was at the flea and I received a phone call.
I was busy, didnt pick up. the person sms me, ask me to call her back. It sounds urgent.
So I decided to give a call back.

She picked up and started saying Hello, can you goto.......

Wait, I don't remember hearing "Can you do me a favour?"

Never mind, let me hear the rest of the story from her.

She straight away tell me her guitar was left at the place and somewhere the booth beside the entrance, and its beside that booth.... (im narrating the exact thing she said)

Her words are not straight to point.
Outdoors, 2 booths, entrance, the one beside, first booth, guitar, and the words repeat again. These are the key words.

I said "Wait... What are u trying to say?" and she repeats the whole thing again.
I tried to gather all those keywords in my mind and realise she left her guitar outside and somewhere either first or second booth from the entrance.

I went to the first booth, I can't find any.
The first booth was one of the homeclub people, so I guess it's easier to approach them.
I asked "Did you see any guitar around?"
They said, nope. Asked me to ask the staff if they have left it somewhere to safekeep it.

I went back indoors, and she called again. "Did you manage to find?"
I said "Nope, no guitar."
She said "It's at booth beside the entrance, and another booth beside it"

I just doh, "Oh, thats the second one then"

I went to the 2nd booth and found it and asked the person.
The person discuss with 2 others. "Eh wanna pass to them? Since its not ours.. then give it away lah"

And then i took her guitar back indoors, thinking she will come n retrieve it.
I tried calling, the number can't get through anymore.
I texted her "Your guitar is with me. Come down to retrieve it."

And I carry on doing my stuff, the usual, customer enquiries.
She called me twice and then she text me again, said call her back, it's urgent. She only know me in that whole event, only got my number.

I read it, thinking it must be one of the girls who took my namecard or probably I gave it away.
I can't remember anyone with a guitar, too many people.

After I'm done with my word at that moment, I called back again.

GuitarGirl: Can you come down to XXXX and pass it to me?
Me: No, i got an event. You should come over instead.
GuitarGirl: Why not i invite you to a party later and u pass it to me?

Me: ... No sorry, I'm at the event, tending customers and I cant leave this place till late night.
Why not i put it at homeclub, with the personnel and u come down anytime?

GuitarGirl: No. Dont give it to them. Can you give me ur friend's number?"

Me: Sorry I don't get it. Why do you need it for?

GuitarGirl: Just now i was trying to call u and u didnt pick it up

Me: ... I was busy with customers and its not convenient to pick up calls anytime

GuitarGirl: Is it? I scared you purposely dont want to pick up and you know? ... You will run away with my guitar. And it's 'Game Over'

(I was chuckling in my heart: What the heck, you asked me to do you a favour and now you doubt me.)

Me: I was really busy just now. I don't know what else to say but it's up to you to put your trust on me.

GuitarGirl: Where do u stay?
Me: (Honest) Hougang.
GuitarGirl: Ok, can i meet you nearby or somewhere when you are on the way back? You are taking cab right?
Me: .... No, I have a driver to drive me back later.
GuitarGirl: Can you just give me your friend's number?
Me: Sorry I don't have any friends around me here. I can't give you any of my friends number without permission.
GuitarGirl: Oh, you can't give without permission. Ok then..
GuitarGirl: Can you give me the driver's number? Ask him if can drop by bugis area later and pass it to me.

I was pretty pissed off, I'm very patient with her already.

Me: I'll get back to you later.

Taking time to cool off, serve some customers and when it's free time, I call her back again.

Me: Hi, sorry I can't do it later. Today is not possible at all. Why not I meet you tomorrow, 3pm at Orchard? Just around the station or something.
GuitarGirl: Har! Er, Ok then.
Me: Ok, then keep in touch, bye.

I was on the way back, receive another phone call, some land line.
Thought maybe it could be her again.

Nope, it's a customer. Enquire to get something.
It's because of GuitarGirl, I know my schedule, usually won't meet during Sunday just for one person because I told myself I'm not going to town areas or work during weekends when I want to have my personal time with Wirriam or with my mom.

So I just manage to arrange a meetup with her.
Great, now it's 2-in-1. :)

That night, I text her to confirm if we are meeting up.
No replies.

I already got the thought of bringing it to the police station.

I woke up the next day, no replies.
It was already 2pm.

I went to write a note on the postpad "You are lucky that I'm the one who did you a big favour, else you would have really lose it. Dont lose it anymore, Please be responsible. -Khloe" and stick it inside the guitar.

We went to Orchard first, and the customer was a little late.
I decided to take a walk around Taka and I told mom my wallet has a hole.
She said I have to change a wallet, wallet with a hole is real bad.
We went into Loewe, I thought the series was long gone but I managed to find it.

And I really bought myself a Loewe wallet.

I was real happy. Hahaha.

We drive to Lim Chu Kang farm first to buy a week supply of goat milk before heading down to my relative house in Jurong.

I went to Jurong West NPC and lodge a report.
The officer like '.... Why not u keep it and wait for her to reply?'
I told him i dont want to keep this anymore.
While reporting, and fill up the details, he open up, he laugh at the note 'you wrote this?'

Me: Yeah, hahaha.
Officer: Do u wanna take it out or keep it in?
Me: Keep it in
Officer: Alright then.

I gave two of her numbers as she used 2 numbers to contact me.
He tried calling both numbers and it couldn't get through.

(I purposely take it in dark, don't want to disclose my details)

I left the police station and SMS her the report case number and everything with telephone number that the officer gave me.

She finally replied. She said she was at cousin's wedding, only read this now.

Hmmmmm, interesting.

And here's the conversation in the night.

She was really boiling me to the core.
I spot one mistake "a proper manners" hahhahahahah.
Crap, I don't bother bout grammar error anymore. This is pissing me off.

And she replied.

And she still persist to ask me to call the officer to get her back.

I told her "Call tomorrow during office hours"

Done, I don't want to further wipe her ass anymore.
Thank you for boiling me, and making my life so happening.
I enjoyed it.

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