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@ Friday, March 12, 2010

I want to have a library of books like what Alicia has.
Got to take a ladder to climb up to hunt for one.

Today is another average Friday.
Friday isn't TGIF to me - I work for an hour after people leave work.
But work doesn't stop after Friday.

The usual, meetup with customers on Thurs and Fridays.
I can't wait for the weekend to come like everyone else.

Planning to register my test.
Then followed by to Clementi for treatment - I would say, for lesson. I never fail to learn new things everyday from there.
Lim Chu Kang goat farm to test out their goat milk. Wanna order them and get it deliver to my house. I want to see a fresh bottle of milk at my doorstep everyday - like what the past used to have. (haha)

Mom thinking of going to the vegetable farm to buy vegetables since it's nearby.
Sounds good.

And we gonna have a Soka Youth Musical at SSCC.
It's been a long time I've been there.
Somehow I was drawn to it by something that I ought to go.

It's been awhile, and for a long time that I anticipate for such a day, such a weekend.

I hope every week is like tomorrow.

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