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@ Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's finally morning.
The time that I've long awaited for, the time I've not anticipate for the past 2 years.

Great start, I never know I can wake up at such timing - that is 8.
My stomach woke me up. I could feel the acids acting up.

My maid asked me if I want to have my breakfast.
I will have my reward once I come back with my dog after the walk.

People who are going for work at such hour.
I thought usually they will leave house around 7.
Oh, they were late.

A couple hopping onto the on-call cab and goto work together.
Aunties carrying small bags, seems like they are going to work, for retail shops.
Some are still in their PJs, walking their dog.

I never really know how morning life was.
No I mean, what do people do when they have all the time in the world?
I seriously don't know what to do in the morning alone.

I feel contented that I don't need to wake up at 7 every weekday, rush out to work by 8 and face the music in front of the boss everyday.

I should make my life more worthwhile - I finally walk my 14 year old dog in the morning sun today.
It's a gift for us. I'll never know when the time is up.

At least I know today she's happy.

Now I'm back home, gonna have a fried egg sandwich and a cup of milk which is almost due.
Clear my desk and god knows what I will do later.
Probably watch a show with PPStream before the noon comes.

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