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@ Thursday, March 11, 2010

Place to go:

It's gonna be my favorite hangout now.

I'm looking for a health book talking bout our blood.
It's got to do with traditional Chinese medicine.
Since don't know when, I got the interest of learning bout health facts. Not this year, not last year, I think it's quite sometime ago.
But I hope they have one in English version. The original book is in Chinese.

God my Chinese is still as bad.
I need a chinese friend to brush it up. Hahahaha.
I mean a Chinese Chinese - you know?
But that CC must speak engrish to communicate with me -.-

The upcoming trip I must find the health book, one book for interest reading, and my hand itchy want to buy a comic. But if i were to buy a comic, I have to get the whole collection. Nah.
Cheat xmm money only. :x

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