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@ Monday, April 19, 2010

Gah, I failed to not emo.
I told myself I can't (stated in my previous post).

HAHAHA, seems like it's part of me.
I just can't shake that off.
Anyway, it's nothing much to worry about. I'm trying to manage my emotions.

I bought 2 books from Kinokuniya last week and I found a way to make me concentrate.
The iPod. Yes, works but I got to get more classicals into my player. My playlist is too limited seriously.

Why did i say this because few weeks ago I finally fulfilled my 'Read a book in a cafe during odd hours in the day while sipping tea in Orchard' but I failed to keep that up after reading just one paragraph of the book.

I was sitting almost the middle of the Canele, that's my all-time favourite.
Beside me: 2 korean ladies on my left, and the far right, one guy and a girl talking about life in London and how much are the cost of renting an apartment.

I'm definitely got distracted by the guy and girl on my right because who understands Korean? I mean I don't. And I accidentally, rather deliberately ear-dropped their converstation about different classes of apartment and they have a standard kind of fixtures. Class A = bla bla bla with toilet and kitchen, Class B and so on. I can't remember.

So I went ahead to order my things and decide to read.
Wait, I can't. That girl's voice is piercing my ear so much that I always want to listen to her more than reading. LOL. So I gave up, threw my book back into my bag and concentrate on my chicken stew and my pot of Chamomile tea. And then my DP starts to kick in again. (DP = Depersonalization disorder. Nothing serious. I can still control it.) I went back home immediately.

Last week wasn't a very good week for me, until I saw the thing that make me feel life is wonderful once again (I'm exaggerating.) I met Alicia the other day, back to Canele again for my light dinner. I told her maybe we can goto Kinokuniya but she said we can just walk around the mall first. And then..... something that attract our eyes. One word: MINI.

We asked each other "Did you see that? Mini? Isnt that..... like.... Mini Cooper logo or something or am I seeing things?"

Oh yes that's Mini Cooper and it's BICYCLE. HAHAHAHA.
Something that I hope to see infront of my eyes for so long.

Enquired the prices and everything and went off.
The same night I was googling and saw a better model:

My dream bike, City 266, cost S$999.

And the one I saw at the event, City 206:

Definitely most of you may consider the one I showed earlier but I decided to choose the one above because of the unique frame. Vintage, sweet, everything, yah yah I know.

I was comparing City 266 with my old love, Pashley Princess Classic:

Nothing beats with my old love.
Just look at the frame, you know its something worth at least S$1,300. (Ok, probably you don't)

But if you were to compare with City 266 with Pashley, you feel City 266 is odd looking, something you can buy in China market and respray to that light blue pastel shade and addon a Mini cooper brand and mark it up to almost a thousand for a bicycle.

I would have save another $301 more for my Pashley.

So that's how I decide on the City 206, and in british green color (the one you see in the picture).
They have Classic Red (it's not bright juicy red but dull maroon - the one you usually see on Mini Cooper Coupe cars) and there's Metallic blue, and I felt the blue degrade the whole thing.

I love that red but I feel the British green makes it very classic with the brown saddle. I like! I gonna addon a cane brown basket and mount at the back of the bicycle. :) Need to do some hunting in IKEA soon.

And there I go, swiped a card for the bicycle which I've yearn to have one for the past 15 years. Almost fulfilled - till it's delivered to my place.

I'm sure I'm gonna get it from my mom. She won't allow me to get a bicycle because it will shorten my life. I don't know. It's already paid, and lets see how she's gonna react.

The following day I had my flea event at Pit building.
Thought it's gonna be bad but things go fine during the rainy hour which makes the crowd stuck at that venue for at least an hour. Thanks people for your support, and thanks to my mom and Wirriam who help me on that day. Else I sure gone case like mad. I seriously can't multi-task. But seriously who can do that if they were me. All coming from all sorts of direction.

The next day (Sunday), I went to meet feel customers, and went down to Jurong East to Cosmo Dr. I got 'aimed' by my aunt, saying I didn't take care of myself and we just laugh because the speaker saw my reaction. It was a new feeling, going there for the first time with my relatives.

Then we ate at DTF again (for thousand times this week) and had Kbox session almost 6 hours at MSQ. I hate Kbox. Limited songs, screwed up system, expensive, nothing worth my expectation (or probably I have very high expectations in everything now).

That partly sums up my week.

And oh, I booked a ticket for another concert in Esplanade for the month of May.
Some Russian pianist.
It looks good and I bet it gonna sounds good.

I had my first virgin trip to Esplanade concert hall 2 weeks back this month.
It was good, sounds good, way better than my UM2, duh!
And I spotted one chiobu!
I was looking at her throughout. I wish I can be like her.
And there's one fair girl playing the flute. Wirriam spotted too.
Seems like two of us are pretty imbalanced. We seek for chio girls than listen to music. hahahhahahaa!

I think I am, lol.
I love girls, seriously looking at those parts like legs and thighs, back and else where except naked girls. Something which is good for the eyes like Generation Girls (SNSD). I love them for their legs. I don't fantasize but it's like looking at the things I love such as cameras, mac, and other gadgets.

You can say pretty girls = gadgets. LOL.
They give the same kind of feeling.

I swear I'm not a humsup por lah. I'm straight! I love guys as usual!

PS. It's exactly 1 more month more to my birthday. HEHEHEHE....

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