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For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction.
@ Wednesday, April 07, 2010

I wonder how.

1 full month of fun.
and now reality hit me again.

dp, and all those shit.

i just can't get up to stay positive as before.
it has been months.
this start of the year, this feeling i can't wear it off.

lots of things had happened within the month of March.

drink, cafe, tea, live band, crazy stuff, goat farms, fights, arguments, quarrels, bonds, movies, movies, movies, friends, family, birthday, stress, shocked, bliss, ... well i don't know.

Probably i can say I just have the real taste of life within a month.

Timbre is sort of a weekly affair for me, thanks to CS.
We met up twice recently, my 9 years of friendship.
I swear we gotta celebrate once we hit our 10 years.

3 movies in 3 consecutive days. my friends made my day.

that includes alicia and yin.
i have to greatly thank alicia for everything. she knows what is it.

i never know how true friendship can be like.
i thought i was in a drama, things happened like as though they are all staged.
but the pain stab me hard. from there, i know - i'm in reality.

she's always there when nobody cared.
she's like some sort of light that shine my path ahead.
seriously, i mean REALLY seriously (with bolo santosi tone) if alicia don't exist i think my life is pretty much screwed up to the core.

and as for yin.
i know what kind of person are you.
when it's the end, it means it's really the end.
thanks for putting faith in our friendship.
i don't know if i count myself lucky or what, or maybe our fate really hasn't end up. (i don't think it will anyway.)

it's after this incident, i know what's friendship for.
and what real friendship mean to me.
i acted like some emoish girl in a relationship.
but seriously, i was in a big lost as though i was stranded in a desert.
alicia is the oasis. (lol)

i swear i never felt this way in my 22 years of living. i dont do this for a friend.
i dont cry for a friend.
but this time, it was my first.

for wirriam, jia you for your exams.
i know you can do it.
dont stress up yourself too much, after all it's not all you.
you can always share a burden, i'll take it for you.

thank you people.
thanks for all your efforts, JUST FOR ME (Bolo Santosi tone, again)

If you don't know who the heck is bolo santosi,
check out this youtube.

It's a US game call Just Cause 2 and in that game, the voiceover is a... well, singaporean?
Totally phail.
Sounds like some woman from PCK. HAHAHA.

By the way, it's not edited by Mr Brown.
It's the real thing from the game. Go google it if you don't believe.

LOL. Funnist shit ever.

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