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@ Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Let's get jiggy with F.F.F.F

MULTIPLE x CHOICE gets Jiggy with Flea Fly Flo Fun this Saturday at Pit Building (F1 Pit Stop)!

FFFF-red-lo.jpg picture by khloe3074k

Pit building: 1 Republic Boulevard, (S)038975

We'll try keep this short, you know what we gonna say.

This big venue is gonna be fun fun and more fun!
With at least 200 other vendors, you will spend your Saturday digging treasures with many DJ from 12noon to 8pm!

Pit Building, located just beside Singapore Flyers, you can have a get-away-from-town moment this weekend with your family and friends with great buys and have a fresher air near the edge of Singapore at the Flyers.

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This round we are still combining with our friends, Post War Vintage.
For those who have missed out the previous flea last month, you guys can still visit us this round at this massive event!

Not only that, the new Holga 135TIM will be available too!

Holga 135TIM is the first Half Frame camera from Holga series.

25118_373866236393_131564006393_422.jpg picture by khloe3074k

What's more! Expect brand new clothes for less than $10.

We sure to bring smiles to everyone's faces.

IMPORTANT NOTE. Please read before you come down to the event!

The nearest ATM around that area is at Marina. Please bring along extra cash for your treasures! There will be a cashpoint withdrawal service at the flea event, and there will be 3% service charge.

* How do I reserve my camera if I already plan to purchase one this Saturday?

As there are space constraints, we won't have all models at the flea event.

Kindly email us by replying this email with your exact order (model and color) or SMS to us directly at 8223 8333 to reserve your item if it's available.

To avoid disappointment or wasted trip, please let us know your order by Friday (16th April 2010), 8pm. We will bring your items during the event and they will be ready for your collection anytime during flea event (12pm - 8pm).

We don't need any deposit for reservation - we trust you!

Please do collect it latest by 8.15pm as we may have to clear up early for the club events in the night.

We thank for your kind understanding.

* What if I have not make up my mind yet but I wish to drop by and have a look first? However, stock is not available/ out of stock on that day! :(

No worries, we all understand that. You can feel free to ask all questions to clarify your doubts before you purchase for yourself or for your friends.

If items are not available or out of stock at the event, or you ran out of cash on that day, you can always drop a fixed rate of S$20/- non-refundable deposit to reserve the items regardless of how many items you wish to purchase and collect it during our weekly meetups on Thursday/ Friday, 6pm at Cityhall. Remaining amount will be paid upon meetup.

Invoice will be issued as assurance, meetup details will be sent via SMS before the meetup day.

That sounds great, isn't it?

Directions to Pit Building

These are directions to Singapore Flyer. Pit Building is just next to Singapore Flyer.
Additional info can be found here:

Directional Map can be downloaded here:

Map of venue:

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