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For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction.
@ Monday, April 26, 2010

My ass hurts, really hurts.
Swollen like baboon now.

OpenNet came to my place to do the fibre optics wire.

I just woke up and entertain the man.
And somehow I just feel proud of my house with my assets.
I heard him telling the collegue 'Mini cooper bicycle' 'Piano'..

And bla bla bla... Looking at the cameras at the cabinet beside the TV.

I was too tired and went back to bed and ZZZZ all the way.
Wasted half of my day, I woke up at 5pm.

Here's what happened yesterday...
Though FS don't allow me to take yellow.
But this Yellow Manhattan Portage bag comes in handy for riding safely.

Initial intention was to eat dinner outside with my bicycle.
Ended up we ride to AMK Central from Hougang Ave 4.
We took the route that pass through serangoon/seagate.

Bought KOI.
Finish our Koi, go down Jalan Kayu.
Seletar, near Dedap Road.

Ate prata and kambing soup, ride pass Fernvale.
And our journey officially starts.
We started exploring down to Sengkang side.
I'm SUA KU i tell you.
I didn't know there's a recreational place exist at the corner of the estate.
There's this Park and we saw 3 zhng cars and 1 zhng lorry.
The road is somehow like a bridge over a drain or idk what, PUB thingy?
And I said "WHA come here race cars is it?"

Nope, they went into the park, include the lorry.
So I said "Secret gathering?"

We went to the park, saw one car park there.
A couple is inside, i glanced in, the guy was facing the girl.
God knows what happen, but I don't see the car shaking. HAHAHA....

And I didn't expect people to even visit such ulu park at that hour (it's almost 12, on a Sunday night).

A man was sitting on the bench alone?
It just seems so out of place to me - weird.
There's a pond with duck weeds, long ones..
And I started to ride up the slope.
All thanks to my bicycle gear, I can cycle up a damn steep slope.
Too steep until you can gostan back if you stop cycling.

And we reached the top of the place.

I was laughing like hell when Wirriam was panting so hard with some gay voice.
And down we go, I spotted a dog. Black and white dog with medium length fur, sniffing away on the grass. Looks scary though.

Went down and then went to the toilet.
It's so scary that I don't even dare to look at the mirror and wash my hands.

And our oasis that saved us - the vending machine.

Off we go, go to punggol.
Wanted to go through that bridge that pass by TPE but afraid that there's no route for bicycles.

We took the other exit then.

And bloody shit i ate a bug! WTF.
I spit out and it's black stuff. It's small, so nothing got to worry about.
Protein for my body? What if it's a spider?! Hmmm....

Went pass punggol and sat at the bus stop to rest awhile.''
We have rode on the bike for the past 5 hours.

Carried on our journey. My theory is KEEP GOING STRAIGHT.
Whenever i see something interesting, LETS GO THERE.

So we rode against the traffic.
Totally like dead town.

Seriously it's so dead until you feel like you're filming your own version of 'I am Legend'

The blangahdesh workers along the street feels like zombie to you.

And when we goto the petrol kiosk for another oasis, it feels so homely when you hear your favourite song from their speaker. Too quiet until you can even hear the song echo into your ears.

I'm not exaggerating.
It's like not contacting with other humans for long hours and you finally see a female on the street, it's like OMG MY OWN SPECIES!

I was looking at the stars, spotted Saggitarius.
Wirriam was quicker than me now. (Y)

We saw one new HDB block. Premium HDB, that's what the sign shows.
Very old skool design, feels old yet feels so new like a new school, with classroom doors.
Brightly lit out of nowhere.

Went around the perimeter of Punggol.
We found the real Oasis!

And we saw the other bridge that leads back to SengKang.
WTF i tell you I almost die if I turn my head or even ride 5cm more to my right.
The bus is going back to the terminal and driving at speed of 120km/hr.

Wirriam tried to warn me by ringing the bell but I can't hear a shit at all.

I was just too stunned, it drove pass me, right beside me.
When it drove pass, I tell my self "OMG I'M STILL ALIVE"

Went back to punggol park (Hougang)
Bought 2 chicken wings.

Back home.

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