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For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction.
@ Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pictures to sum up the whole week since last weekend.
All random. Don't get confused with the different days.
I lazy to do a transition. -.-

KBox. We got a big room for 2 pax.

Don't believe?

Now you do.

Went to do some work on Wednesday at MSQ.

I took a cab down and the driver forgotten that I got my goods at the back of his boot.
He drove away!
But thank god he drove slowly because it's at the taxi stand with a narrow road.
I chased after him, I feel so shitty. Hahahaa!!!
And he slowed down and stop.
He went out of the cab and said "Haiya, I forgot about it ah. I thought why are you still chasing after me when you alight???"

Big (DOH).

Thank god not much people or nobody bothered what happened. It's damn paiseh can.
Moral of story: Remind the cabby to open the boot before you step one foot out of the cab.

Pickup the stuff which Edwin left them at the store.

Surprised me, I didn't expect a gift from him despite of helping me to get the things I want from HK.

Really a big XXN. :)
And I cabbed back because I got a feeling the delivery guy will be at my place very soon.
Just in time, I step home and take my phone out.
It rang.

He told me my bike is downstairs already and ready to pick it up.

Hoolah! He explained to me certain stuff, informative.
Bring back my baby up!

And I made this (below) using perler beads.

Next day (IIRC)..
Went to Kino.
Bought 2 books.
No, not those books below.
I took a shot of these two books cuz first book is wood (i got fetish with wood), second is pretty interesting.
iPhone photography book!

I bought The Book of Answers.

Very random.
For those who don't know, it's actually a book with an answer in each of the page.
Think of a question and open the page. That's your answer.

I know rah, very waste money.
But I found a logic with that book and "Things happen for a reason"
So which means "I open this page for a reason, because there's no coincidence"
Debate or not, I don't care. I happy jiu hao. :p

And the other book: Rework.

I find it interesting. Very straight forward, doesn't beat around the bush.

Latest picture of my dog. :D

And I forgotten which day, I went to Serangoon Garden to makan.

Finally entered PSB class with the boys.
I don't even know what class is that, I just know it's IT module.

Unker Jordan is away for reservist, so I take over his place.
It's their first lesson for that module so we are told to self introduce ourselves. (HOLY SHIT LOL)

Nice try, he didn't suspect anything because thank god he ask HH and Wirriam first. Both of them are proudly unemployed and it sort of loosen the tension of the conversation with the lecturer. So I honestly said what i'm doing but didn't mention anything bout 'I'm not a student here' HAHAHA...... Funny and weird experience.

I swear the next class he will ask 'where is that lady who sell cameras?' HAHA.
Next time cannot appear in that school already. But it's pretty cool though, I wanna try crashing into NUS/NTU. I doubt they even bother. PSB is small, too small that you can recognise everyone easily. I told my SIM mates that I will drop by someday.. I failed to do so.

It rained damn heavily so we are stuck at the class, suppose to zhao off half-time. Ended up we finish the whole Full Time with Extended Time and the rain stops.

Usual Friday Happy hour.
Timbre. Not for drink actually, it's for the Pizza! God knows why am I so addicted to that pizza there. But shun bian have some drinks, beer with chicken wings.

We got our seat at the bar counter.

Ordered a jug of beer.
Then some Fuzzy Navel. It's vodka peach.

And thought I want to drink another last round.
It was a good game round. Because I ordered shit stuff - Mojita.

I KNOW. You will ask, what's with those leaves?!
They are mint leaves.

I felt like I've jumped into some field with rotten grass.
It wasn't THAT bad actually but it's my hate of pure lime mix with rum (it reminds me of the times I drank so much when I was younger. hate the taste now)

Hang around town with Joeleslie for a day.
Kinokuniya is really my best hangout place now.

Signed up as Kino member and..
Bought two Gakken volumes!
Interesting shit. Mini DIY Refractor and the Planetarium Projector.

Watched Bounty Hunter. Quite funny, I always like how the ex husband reacts and treats his ex wife. LOL.

Went back and went to construct the two cool shit stuff!

This is how it looks like in the room.

iPhone shutter speed is too fast for this.
And I lost my battery charger for my Canon G11. -.-

This is how it gonna look like in the room.
Looks brighter in the magazine, maybe it's the camera's settings.
Or maybe they change to a higher watt bulb. Maybe I should try buying new bulbs and try out.

And the refractor! MY FIRST TELESCOPE HAHAHAHA. -.-

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