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@ Saturday, May 22, 2010

Happy belated birthday to me.

I'm very surprised that the people who don't really contact me actually wished me!
Too happy to say, and I'm kind of guilty because I don't even wish anyone.

Really thanks to those people who even bother to type that 2 special words.

My family include Kimi, Wirriam, lovelies (that two girls who lub elmo and another one who keep saying BYE when recording video), my clients, the Cactus crew, comrades, old friends, people i don't know, and new friends~

Thanks Edwin and Bernard for the presents.
Include the surprise from my lovelies.
The best deal from Bernard: I bought a Band Hero set + extra Metalica guitar for my Wii.

Thanks Wirriam for the presents even though they are not here yet.
And upcoming gift for myself: FFXIII Game + OST + Poster + Book at unbelievable price.
Gonna get my PS3 pretty soon but I'm heading to China next month... Like wasted leh if i buy and fly off...

I think I should buy after I come back.

And the best thing TODAY: SHOW 舞法舞天 3D Concert!

Gonna meet Glynis and her cousin first for dinner.
And plan to go Geylang for supper!

嘿皮 to the max!

Things are getting interesting now...
Going right on track.

Malacca trip, SZ/GZ/HK Trip,... and I gonna plan to go Taichung next year.
And Melbourne to catch Adeline during her vacation breaks.
Quick, those people wanna go overseas studies pls let me knw and I can drop by for a horiday!!

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