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@ Sunday, May 02, 2010

I received my Kino card today! :D

Bodyclock screwed.
Drinking fever never die off yet but I didn't go HH last night.
All thanks to the new game from Square Enix, Chaos Rings, that made me play whole night long until today.

I ignored the girl's messages and played game instead.
They call me "中game情有". Hahahaha.

I bought the Fred Perry bag from one of their Emook.

Temporary bag before I get a new one.
I'm eyeing one from Gucci actually. Around $1k odd. I expect it to be $1.3-1.4k.
I got to change mine cuz of its color. (FS reason)

I mount onto the white basket on my bicycle already.
Haven't ride out with it.

I was snapping pictures and try putting in my dog. It fits but I think she will jump out unless i make a metal cover over. (Like how?)

And my original concept is to get a lid for it and cover with nice fabric. Best if there's leather strap with lock.
I use one of my tee to get a rough idea..
Sibei chio!
Soooo cute!
And I spent like $70+ at IKEA the other day again.

Shit, I really cannot go IKEA.
Each time I go, I will buy almost a hundred.
I almost bought one creamy white metal trashbin with lid. Crazy but I like it. But then I don't know what to do with it.
Wha damn cock face.

And another lamp with springs. Damn nice.
Very surgery feeling. (It's sick but makes me happy)

Then my KONCEPT lamp can sell away already. But Wirriam stop me from getting that (Thank god)

So i bought all these back home:

Candle lamps, candles, blue pail, wooden clock, and plastic container which Wirriam broke my old one the other day.

The other day i fry this egg until damn nice.
So proud of it. LOL...

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