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For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction.
@ Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A sick person is an emo person.
Now, not anymore after 12 hours of sleep.
Gosh. I dreamt that I met a car accident! What the hell!
The car flipped down a cliff with my SIM mate. I don't know if I'm dead anot.

And I even saw my dad, plus my fridge got no food and even wearing formal in the rain, chatting with my aunt.

The day before I dreamt of many hairy spiders. Plus riding on a bicycle and somehow the handle was off-centred.

So many of such dreams these days...
I even dreamt that I was dead last week. And only two guys can see me.
That guy invited me into his hotel room..
Ok, nothing of what you are thinking of. We are just planning and talking..

There's a black butterfly visit my house on my birthday night too.
Didn't wanna think too much bout that anyway.


I'm down with flu since last Saturday.
Feeling feverish before the concert and after the event I was stoned.
I even shout for cab 'IM DYING' when the cab don't want to stop for us.
LOL, Wirriam was laughing away what that happened.

When I was taking this photo, Wirriam was laughing at me.
I didn't know whats going on until he said "鬥雞眼~" LOL

Damn silly. I don't even know the camera was too close. HAHAHAHAHAHAA..

Look at that Greenish.
So sexited for the concert!

After that we went to Chomp Chomp for supper and cab back home.

Home on Sunday, was really sick.
Slept early and had nightmares and thats how I survived the whole weekend.

May the force be with me...

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