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For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction.
@ Tuesday, May 04, 2010

There's so many things that starts with the 5H.

So many questions that I want to know.
Because things which had happened are so ridiculous and irrational.
The tension is there, things are happening yet nobody is doing anything.
It's like a stretched rubber band, ready to get released anytime.

I believe there are impossibles which can happen.
Never expect these impossibles could happen.

No big deal but I'm just pondering.
She told me know the reason before everyone quits.
Else it's like 白死白活。 Yea, kind of. But I guess I rather 白活 but I won't 白死.

Never point at anyone, the rest of your 4 fingers are pointing back at you, at least 3.
I never believe in revenge as fire can never put out fire.
But I believe things are going on at the back. Somehow that second round of stabs coming in. The last time was in year 2001. It's been 9 years and I can't believe history are repeating again.

One massacre after a decade?
I believe so.

He said: 貴人will only come in after all 小人 are defeated.
Some 小人 are trying to step onto you intentionally, and some unintentionally make you unable to find your 貴人. I guess for my case it's unintentionally, probably.

As for the case 9 years back, that's intentionally.
But nevertheless, I manage to meet the rest but it does not last.
However if isn't that, I never meet some people I'm still with now.
I guess everything just happen for a reason, and predestined.

Unfortunately, our fate only lasted this far. I should say goodbye to it.

It's time to kick-ass!

We love Hit Girl!
She makes us become a pedophile. :O~

Anyway, today's activity is pretty much half-phail-half-success.

I did went to Spruce for the first time but at the wrong timing.
Kitchen only opens at 5.30pm and I was there at 4.30.
Ended up we drank a cup of water before we order anything and feel damn paiseh to leave without paying a cent.

So.. we ordered one cheesecake before we leave.
And I got to pay $10+ it.
It was pretty nice, big servings for one, with fresh green sliced apple on it.
At least now I know which place to goto for pretty nice pastries.
Location wise it's still not too bad, it's somehow inbetween Tanglin and Queesway.
So it's still not too inaccessible if you don't have a car.

After that we went to Queensway Shopping Centre and get our laksa and curry chicken.
Kind of impromptu.
Serving size shrink after a year.
Taste not as good as the one in bencoolen.

You know what? I think I should become a food critic. LOL.
I don't know but I just feel I can be a good one, with proper training and experience. Hahahaa!
Because I believe I live to eat, not eat to live.

After that we went to IKEA.
Miraculously, I only bought one item at $5.
But after I exit through the cashier, I saw they do sell Vodka from Sweden.


Yes, that's the word when I saw that.
So...... Ended up still fail to leave IKEA by not spending below $50.

Pretty small bottle, some Citron Vodka.
It feels handy till you can carry it around with you in the bag. (lol)
Wonder how does it taste like.
I don't drink it neat and I don't have any coke or other stuff to mix around. Hmm..

Then we went down to Jurong Point.
Ate Fish & Co. The Swordfish collar, which was introduced by Carissa almost a year back.
Now I'm back for it.
We did all the 'oh-not-so-us' kind of things today.

Trained home the other way round.
The red line via Woodlands back to AMK.
We slept throughout, lol. And then cab back home.
This time we are damn paranoid that we will lose our things again. Keep checking that the phones are still in our possession.

The other day he lost his phone and was damn lucky that the cabby called back to pass him back the phone. The story is amazing, truly. Miracle indeed. But I'm lazy to say the whole story, and who even want to know it either?


Before I end, let me quote this (via my one of my girls):

"Some women choose to follow men, & some women choose to follow their dreams. If you're wondering which way to go, remember that your dreams will never wake up & tell you that they don't love you anymore."

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