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@ Thursday, June 24, 2010

25th - KTV with lovelies
26th - Day out with Joe
Next week - Catching up with Adeline

3rd - Pignic with Boys and Lovelies
10th - Meet xiao zhu?
17th - Keep myself free for lovelies
SomedayInJuly - Poly mates for WC?
AnotherDayInJuly - Play PS3 (lol)
AnotherSomedayInJuly - Durian Session with the boys?

Wanna organise a chalet for my friends too.
It's really time to contact some of my friends. Probably it may feel weird to pop up in their lives, but I'm gonna try to stay in their lives : )

Keep it going!
Can't wait to meet CS soon too!

Where is my drinking session?
Guess I got to drink alone.
Just bought 2 bottles of Erdinger. Hmmmm....

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