There's no coincidence but an underlying reason for everything that happened. ||

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For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction.
@ Saturday, June 05, 2010

There's no coincidence but an underlying reason for everything that happened.
So what's the reason this time?

My dimples are out after not eating much for the past 2 weeks.
I don't know if I've lost any weight, probably not.
But I think somehow my appetite shrink compared to the old days.
I can't imagine I'm down with flu for such a long time.

Officially recovered loh!

Anyway I'm damn lazy to post up peektures.
Really too much. I'm utilizing the G11 so often now.

Maybe I post some....

It was a fruitful weekend by spending at Malacca.
Massive jam in the morning but it's worth the wait.

Drove 200+ kilometres, toll gates after toll gates... It's my first time travelling so far by car. (suaku ok?)

We stay at nonya kind of hotel. Erm, low star I guess.
Fixtures are pretty similar to what you saw in Mediacorp channel 8.

But one thing is the 1st level is better than the ones at upper level.
That's what I know cuz I happen to peep into someone's room.
Their bed is fresher and room is brighter can!

And somehow I feel that we are the only ones staying at level 2.

Deserted, run down, eerie, you get all kinds of thoughts when you walk pass the rooms.

Don't believe?
Let me show you...

Maybe this isn't that bad yet..

I can't imagine what if Kimi walks into the dark alone.

Random 'public' toilet. It's dark, especially at night. No one use it. I think they may be living inside......

What's up at the attic? God knows.
It's locked.
And I don't even dare to look up.

Lots of spiral stairs.

It always reminds me of the corridor from the movie: REC / REC 2. Or maybe the other movie title 'QUARANTINE' - the english version of REC. If you have watched that, probably you may know what I'm talking about. Scary shit.


OK, the rest aren't that bad...

I show you the better side of the place, hahahaha.


And we went around places, all walking distance.

Wha damn best, Ice Sasi!

Yea so we are back.... Boring Singapore.

I bought my NIXON watch.

A belated birthday present to myself.
I know lah, sibei chor lor man design. I like can already!

Other than this.. the previous week I collected my FFXIII game.
Hah, funny thing is I don't even have a PS3.

Kena kotok please.
I paid $85 for all. Game, OST,.... and I don't even need the bloody white HDMI cable!
Claim to have Poster and character collection book.
End up only left these. Poster end up is the piece of shit inside the CD case, and book is not available. _|_

Update the rest when I upload the photos up.

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