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For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction.
@ Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Big changes, small changes, big changes, small changes.

Small changes that leads to big effects.
Probably that it is..
Couldn't differentiate anything.

I'm feeling damn different now though the daily routine feels so indifferent.
Kind of disrupted my daily life.

I've been shutting down everyone down: really apologise for that.
I need a little time to fix my routine.

I need a break seriously.
I'm feeling down but actually I'm not emo.
Probably just restless.

No plans for this week.
Probably not much. Not anticipating for the weekend anymore, hahahaha.

Heading down to Holland V with my girlfriend later and night activities with my oink.
I should maintain everything this way, for now. :D

Oh something random:
That dried minestrone piece from Muji makes me feel damn hungry. :O

Yea, appetite comes back again like mad.
Gonna control them.

More pictures coming up probably during the weekend.
Hopefully, cuz I don't even know what's my activities! LOL.


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