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@ Friday, July 23, 2010

Bought Nike running sweater.
Gosh, why do I have similar taste as my gf?
She said "If we stay together, we can share them and save money." HAHAA.

But she's always like my zehzeh. Give in to me all the time. :(
Feel so guilty for it actually.
Girl, i know you will read this.. Let me give in for once ok???? :|

We went to many sports shops lately.
Getting more and more sporty.
Die man. Our 女人味 vanished. LOL..

But it's okay, I will strike a balance of those.
And erm.. since when I'm so girly? Not at all, even my gf also got similar style as me. :O

I'm trying to change my whole wardrobe but then.. sometimes I just can't take it.
Though it looks nice on those girls but I just feel it doesn't suit my character.
I just feel that as long I feel confident with it, it suits me well. :)
No point trying to act like somebody.. Fail seriously.

Anyway, AMEN to my next few weeks and upcoming months.
I gonna find one secret cave already.
Feeling stress but I like it. The thrill.

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