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@ Sunday, July 11, 2010

I don't know why I like that girl from 海蝶森林 ?!

Now I know how it feels to stand there and watch your favourite someone.
Like those school boys who watch their favourite girl after school in the music room. LOL...

Anyway, I had a great day with Alicia yesterday.
Random chats, random walks, though we only went to random usual places, but they are still one of the best day I spent with her.

Whahaha, very 艺术 abit. Went to the Redbull exhibit.
Now I feel like getting back my 艺术habit where I used to visit museums in the past.

Get to see a glimpse of 羅志祥 in STAGE *scape opening yesterday.

I feel very unhappy for my friends who queued for 12hours, never get to get assist by him and never get a single shit from the store. The lanyard is out of stock. W*F. Ended up they bought the handphone deco strap which I bought from STAGE TW, and at a cheaper price.

I feel them, really.

And... lol, (暗笑). Got the best deal in ZARA yesterday.
Now I feel like going for more shopping trips, not because of the deal lah.
Wanna change my whole wardrobe.

I remembered I got a friend told me she threw away all her clothes before she by new clothes.
And thruout the whole 2-3 weeks,... same old clothes everyday.
We asked why? She said no time to shop yet. (smack forehead)

Ok, time to nua my Sunday off.

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