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@ Saturday, July 03, 2010

This week hits me quite badly but I'm currently so much better than before.

Met Alicia for 3 days straight.
I'm officially her part-time girlfriend. HAHA.
Fortunately all these sweet episodes make me realise that I'm really straight (I do doubt myself for loving girls). Felt that all the sweet stuff are seriously very EXDB.

Bought 2 footwears in a week and she told me there's MORE. Oh my tian! Gonna spend more soon. -_-

Found out my dear girl, Glynis, who shares the same boat number as me. Gosh!

Had a good chat with Bernard the other day. Thanks bro.

Plus new member in the circle, Benjamin, who gave pretty good advises and being a listening ear. Seriously appreciate it.
& nevertheless, Leason who likes to chat crap to makes me smile.

WC fever, not a good period to pub.
CS and I got drifted around CQ and BQ. End up drink Green Tea @ Kopitiam. Hahaha.

Came along with the funny talkative cabby with his Nasi Brani episode, rather Food episodes.
Plus met YY for a little short chat in cabby.
Small little moments like that are seriously precious.

&& my Nixon is back!

Thanks people, thanks guys.
All these stuff seriously complete my week after all the broken days.

Gonna do work in the morning tomorrow (hopefully yes) and meeting Sarah for lunch and movie session with the rest of the polymates. Not gonna think what's gonna happen tomorrow night. Hate anticipation now.

Lost faith in love, lost faith in relationships.
Welcome me back to Singlehood, officially.
It gonna take time to get used to it.

I do learn a lot of things this week.

Something big! Hehehehehe.
Gonna send letter to Aussie to welcome with red carpet + big open continent (not arms)!

Happy max!

I hope things will stay as good as now, or currently.
Plus there's more shocking news on the line.
Mad crazy week, but I'm loving it.

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