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@ Tuesday, August 03, 2010

All sums up everything.

Somehow I jumbled them up because I'm lazy to put them in order sequence.
Hah, yes not an excuse but I'm just tired.

Drew whatever I see in my room.

Gonna start this new interest: Instead of taking photos, I draw them. ;)

B came over to Hougang and we had 'Fat Meal'
Fat meal = meal after dinner but not time for supper.

So we hang around my neighbourhood with his bike and my bike :O

I can't stop looking at myself. Sb cute can? :x

I'm aging, really. I look old, like finally.

And.... 2 days back at Ubin.

B got his iPhone4, but I think he got to train his hands for not shaking too much.

PT twice, hah.
The second one was extreme. Flew up in the air and got throw down at least 5-6 metres + bike dropped onto me. Ouch. But it's thrilling. I just smile and carry on riding.

Results? Wounds, cuts, bruises.
It's not painful but the muscle strain on my shoulder + neck is making me 'partially handicap' for 2 days straight.

And then.... what else.. lots of stuff.
Kind of back dated.

Tested the iPhone4, and antenna isn't a real issue unless you GRAB IT REAL HARD like you want to wank it onto someone.
It's pretty good, works great especially the FaceTime and the amazing sharp screen and photo quality + flash :O

Well, you can actually see how clear it is by looking at the photo above.

Oh yea my iPad. I bought my iPad during the launch date on 23rd July 2010.
Very lucky to get the last one in store as they have already sold all out.
I was in the pre-order list but didn't respond to it earlier. So.... I still manage to get one which the lady claimed that someone withdraw for pre-order. Hmm...

Oh by the way, i've sold off my keyboard dock.
Regretted and plan to get the dock + wireless keyboard instead. Waste money -_-

I bought a pretty nice iPad case with 20% off in-store promotion. Great!

French manicure last week, with alicia @ Citylink.

Went to a pretty nice cake+tea place in CQ last Friday.

Strawberry shortcake. So this is how I taste like. HAHA :x
Braindied Berry cake.

And I went to Marmalade Pantry with Alicia last Thurs.
Another Cake+Tea session.

And she almost want to kidnap my iPad away.. :|

Went Timbre last Saturday night with William.

Had kilkenny, sex on the beach, singapore slings (what the heck!), and magerita tequila on the rocks.

And it's always GoodFellas when I'm there.
Alicia always never get to see them HAHA.

Mehehee, and the greenshirtguy..

I guess that's about all?
Pretty happening weeks.
And spent the most too.

Offically broke.

Update again when it's time to.
Night people.

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