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@ Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Let the pictures talk, with a little words.

In sequence order ( i think ) .

Met up with G and YH, don't know how long ago. lol.
I think last week? :O
Ate imperial treasure with them and Alicia. ;)

I'm really very happy to meet up with those two girls.
Spice my life way a lot.
G really brings me joy in life, no matter what. I love the way she talks and express everything out from her mouth. HAHA.

Amore sessions for past 2 weeks and this is usually what I eat for dinner. Fish soup, all light stuff. Haven't been eating REAL HEAVY food for dinner nowadays. Really, no lie. I'm losing weight. :O

I de-crave my Hokkien mee crave since May this year. Yeeepie!

Alicia bought this Nanoblock for me. So I decided to built it up and got ADDICTED to building/assemble things.

Excess blocks were made to a pianist.

In car with mom.

We wanted to go and find a secret cave.
End up....... We ate.

It's been a long time I have such heavy lunch!
Dirt cheap, $14+ for both of us.

And we are near the secret cave. :O

Pamper myself with my favourite. Makes me happy.

And I bought another Nanoblock that day.
It's a Tokyo Tower.

Pretty isn't it?

Pair it up with my Smery figure (alicia bought this for me, LOL) and with REAL scenery at the back (it's outside my window). Puuuurfect isn't it?

And I remembered I bought one Gakken Magazine, which I've not build it up yet since... (almost 1month ago).

It's actually a Japanino.

Cost me $70+ for this man. I know not worth lah, but.... Just wanna try it out though. Looks interesting. I'm lazy to build because I need to download a program from a Japanese website (shit) and got to do some little programming codes to make it work. (now you know why I'm lazy.....)

And.. this is what I always see everyday when I first open my eyes.

This is the cup noodles I ate. I know I know, it's cute.
Spoon and Yvonne went OMFG when I post it up in FB. ;)
This is what Japanese is capable of - making girls go crazy with small little things.

It's MUG NOODLE from Nissin.
Price isn't reasonable at all. One small pack is equivalent to 1/3 of your usual cup noodle.
In one packet, there's 4 mini packs in it. Cost S$3+ for everything.

Two flavours, two cute faces. Double happiness. ;O

FFFF on 14th Aug. We surprised G with a cake. And it's successful!
That proves that our plan is (Y).

W went to help me out.

After that we had Ginger Teh Tarik with my mom at Jalan Kayu with a Prata Kosong.

The next day I had Taka foodcourt porridge. Not bad, I recommend you all to go try that!
It's beside the Vietnamese food stall.

And that's mom dinner.

And I orderd my favourite Mango pamelo (sp?) sago thingy.

After that we went to Zara and I bought soooo many clothes.
I'm happy because it took me 1 over year to get rid of my GREY MOMENTS. lol.

I bought one tee from there....

Pretty text.

And I love the end of it.

And today.. Went down to CTSQ Amore for my Gym session.
This time - alone.
Yepz. That's all folks.

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