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For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction.
@ Monday, September 20, 2010

Everything went smooth.
Dog's stitch was removed, heavy big hole in my pocket after everything.

It was an epic failure today.
I thought it's my test until I double check my receipt.
I laughed at myself and gosh, I really panicked before that - because I got too much things to do and purposely wake up EARLY for all these.

Things happen for a reason. Probably a big reminder not to miss this thing.
I missed like at least 2 times - bit regret but oh well.

Got all what I need for Aussie. 3 more days and POOF!

2 more days to play fire with my girlfriends and new kids on the block!
I'm sort of their new kid lah. Not them. :O
Thanks G. I'm really happy to see that line from you yesterday. Your confession? Tsktsk.
Made me feel worth.

Really, I never felt that important before.
The people around me need me so much, like they can die without my existence. *wink*

Don't worry, I won't go till that MrBlackShadow takes me away one day. I've told him to give me more time.
MrBlackShadow = that one who almost took me away 4 years ago. (I still believe in that.)

And I'm still not doing anything for myself. Predicted that next year will be the last year?
I haven't feel death that near yet. Not till I accomplish most of the things I need to do.

But I seriously believe that 'you will know how to live when you know how you die'. It's true.

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