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@ Thursday, October 28, 2010

Christmas Wishlist..

JBL Creature III.

Microsoft Arc Mouse. Think Alicia is getting this for me.

Gucci Lanyard
New Macbook Air : 11inch

Nike+ Sportsband

Actually, I find it no point. I should get a nano or probably this:
Since I already got an iPod + Nike+ sensor. Hmm...

Nike Lunar (forgot which series)

I have to admit that Nike Lunars are one of the best looking running shoes around which provides good cushioning comfort.

Bought a Glide series few months back.
Now I want a spare shoe! & I love the peachy pink color with contrast with black.
I swear it looks way better in real. The pink doesnt look like that. :$

More to come, if i can think of.

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