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@ Thursday, October 28, 2010

I would like to thank someone who bought me this....

.... Myself.

Guess nobody else Love me more than I do.
A replacement heart for the hollow heart.
At least someone won't be able to break this replacement anymore.
Hah, I'm such a drama queen. LOL.
But hey, at least I have a reason and a story behind this.

And I didn't receive any key for my 21st last year.
So I got a puny one with it. Sounds pretty sad but it's okay lah.
At least I'm contented now.

Bought this yellow foams for my UM2.
I call this the pineapple.
The olives I bought (not too long ago) pretty suck.

I love this. Maybe because it's yellow.
But yellow is not my fav color.

And then... My virgin trip to PS Cafe @ Dempsey.
Treat Wirriam a dinner for his birthday (eve).

Pretty love this place to the max.
Tea, wine, cakes, pretty nice main courses, snacks,....
Ang Mor to bio, more Ang Mor to bio...
Lol, just kidding.
Chargrilled New Zealand Lamb
Chicken Parmigiano with greens

And the most sinful ones...
Something something Blackout.

It's full chocolate cake with warm chocolate fudge and vanilla icecream.

Nothing beats Greens & Co. @ Leederville.
Got to thank Serene for recommending us that place seriously.

It's all lantern lightings everywhere. Amazing.
10x better than what you see in this picture.

They have tea, amazing and wide variety of cakes, chocolate drinks, pool tables, mini table games, and you do find hot chicks on some tables too.
Seriously look shag here. But that's not the main focus.
It's the cosy-ness!

Now you know why?
It just can't replace my love for that place in Perth.
So good that I went twice during my trip there. Hahaha!

Shit. My maid's alarm clock rang. It's 6am?!
Freak. I slept too early, like 9pm+ and I woke at 1am+.
Couldn't sleep till now...
Gotta wake up before noon. Got an appointment at TTSH.


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