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@ Monday, October 11, 2010

I'm back. After half a month of getaway.

I feel so weird sitting on my chair using my iMac, feel so weird to get back to where I was again.
That's one major thing I hate about getting away, especially a long one. The tough part is to get back to work and resume as normal. As worst is I went to a place where is so much more slower than Singapore. It makes me hard to pace back.

I was hoping that I need to see a doctor within a week so I can claim everything from insurance. Just felt I'm a little dizzy (again), similar to how I felt when I was back from Taipei early this year. Either I'm not used to my monitor or I'm really facing some minor jet lag. Please, no more vertigo. I had enough of it. I really got to cross my fingers because I have driving tomorrow. ZZZZ....

Anyway, Perth experience was great. All thanks to Bernard who organized this trip, although I had most of 'Maria' moments. (Maria = Maid) The first meeting and stay with Chua family. They are the ones who make everything perfect in there.

My girls told me to go off and enjoy myself and come back feeling much better than I was before. It worked somehow, but not totally. At least the best memories I had in there overrides the bad ones, and even the worst ones before.

Like I have mentioned these to my closest, this trip made me understand and experience "Everything happens for a reason". It really does.

(You can skip the following junk if you are not interested at all)

If wasn't 3 years ago, there won't be incidents for past 2 years and even now and won't affect my my failed relationship. If isn't that, I won't have tons of WTF episodes for past 3-4 months, I won't really know Bernard or got closer than the rest of the 6 years. I won't even think of going Perth with him or get away again this year end. (I really told myself I'm not getting out of Singapore till next year.) But god knows why, I did. If isn't this trip, I won't know the wonderful family and the people and I won't cherish them so much compared to Day 1 after many WTF episodes in Perth. If isn't Bernard, I won't take up interest in mountain biking, and I won't join them riding and I won't learn so much (not only tips but mental tips) which really helped me a lot in life now. [I can go on and on and on ...]

(Thank you for reading if you did)

It's amazing. How life is. I'm not sure if anyone of you do face this. It happened to me almost all the time. When shit happens, it all smack up together and become an imperfect beauty. Like a double whooper burger or an ultimate one. You whoop them all up and munch it in. Blending a burger maybe? It's disgusting but disgustingly wonderful.

I'm contented. Seriously am.

Right, it's almost 1pm now. I'm gonna filter all photos and upload them up like mad.
Thinking if I should head down to gym later and buy some food back from the supermarket to stockup stuff for myself and my dog.

It's becoming a habit to go to the mart to stock up after since I went to Perth.
It's good though, changes me a bit. ;)

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