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@ Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Somewhat similar but I don't feel 'me' anymore.

A bit of change in lifestyle and habits, it all makes a difference.

Vertigo has officially hit me, since few days ago.
And nah, I didn't see a doctor because I'm lazy.
Let's see how it goes in the next couple of days.

Sis and Kimi are coming back in a week+ time. Time flies, seriously.
Soon, I will have another new family member in months to come.

October is ending real quickly.
I remembered the day when I was asking my friends to wake me up when September ends.
It felt like last week! Geez.

Time for a Christmas wishlist.
I've did up a bit in my Facebook but not enough. In fact, it's not practical enough (for my friends) to fulfill it by then. You know what I mean - gadgets, gadgets, gadgets, gadgets, more gadgets. Hah, the usuals.

But I'm thinking of getting a T&C for myself as a "Well Done, Khloe" gift.
I sound sarcastic to myself seriously.

Anyway, I'm an official NIXON & Onitsuka fan. Happy max ;)

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