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@ Tuesday, November 16, 2010

He needs to go back to Apple HQ again..

Look how screwed up it is.

And it occur again a couple of hours later when I'm in the midst of typing a super long "essay' in Facebook. Lucky I'm smart enough to take a shot of it before I reboot so I can copy them without thinking all over again.

I can't believe it. Even after servicing it and I'm still facing problems. (and it's not common problems. more like hardware shit.)
Swey until like that meh?

Just yesterday I found my iTouch got password lock when I didn't even activate it.
God knows what's the freaking password and I got to restore it to unlock.............. (very sad cuz I didn't sync.)
I thought Kimi would have accidentally lock it but come to think of it, she has to press the same 4-digit password twice to activate that.


Oh by the way, I feel like picking up guitar, again.
Then what's the piano in my house for? It's biodegrading and depreciating.

And I forgot that I need to go for stairs training. Race is this Sunday. S h i t.

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