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@ Sunday, November 21, 2010

New achievement!

Climb up Swissotel, South East Asia's tallest, this morning for the first time.
73 storey in total.

Don't really know bout my exact timing but should be 14 minutes based on the top 10 charts.
Hah, no, i didn't manage to be in the top 10 list. I have a strong feeling i'm 11. HAHA. (based on the time that I reached the top after a Caucasian over took me)

I seriously salute this couple.

Dressing up 'inappropriately' to take up the challenge!

I won't even do this if it's me. Love their spontaneous-ship!

2011 Marathon, I'm gonna do it again. :)

And... New bike on the block!

Time to head back to off-road for train up and long distance rides to.... i don't know where.
Can't wait for OCBC cycles next year. Hahahahaha...!

Gotta get my helmet & accessories in the next few days when I'm free.
and fix up my Mini cooper bike wheels pretty soon. Gotta polish it up too.

More free time next few weeks for myself other than work.
No longer have weekly drivings till late December.
I gotta find more commitments and activities to keep myself busy.
Not gonna forget about my weekly running routine. Thinking if I should join next year's Adidas Sundown.

Hmm... Oh yeah, I can go Helipad these coming weeks!
Timbre should be out for awhile.

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