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For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction.
@ Monday, November 08, 2010

Read my blog archives. The most important part of my life - 2yrs ago.
Felt that I'm just too complicated now compared to my oh-im-so-innocent me those days.
Actually I'm no different than before. I think?

I found certain clues of the past that reveal loop holes of the present.
Not gonna think much on that actually...
Trying myself not to get affected by anything.

Can't wait for Tuesday - Heading to Batam for a day with my family.
And Wednesday to Johor with the Cactus family (like for the first time!).
Forgo my last driving lessons for them. I thought of this a million times to cancel my lessons. They invited me soooooo last minute and out of all days, why Wednesday?
Probably who knows if I reject their invitation and got my TP test 1 week earlier and I met an accident? Or fail? Or.... (other possbilities)

Sometimes I just feel it all happen for a reason.
But the fact that I chose it myself for my own reason. Ok, not gonna argue on that.. That devil and angel is fighting in me again. Sheesh. I feel I'm so irritating.

Seriously... they (those in my mind) should make friends.
It got worse recently that my friends caught me talking to myself or fighting with my own thoughts (very obviously).

OH WAIT. Got to announce.
Got myself a middle name - Yuuki. (Now you know why is it KYL at the top of this page..)
So from now you can call me either Khloe or Yuuki. Khloe is still with me though.
DON'T LAUGH K. I feel funny to have a new name.

Yuuki means Courage.
I seriously need it so much.

And.. my setup is back to the same position as what it was before.

Bit of changes like my speaker is now ontop. It sounds better as the sound travel around the room, not direct to my ears.
Left side of table becoming a 'docking' station for my Macbook & iPad.
New Muji DIY "shelf" for all my barangs barangs.
Koncept LED lamp is shifted off the table to make way for my docking station.
New dark curtains
Favourite rabbit still with me :D
and oh, i place the Erdinger flag at the side of my mac but it's not in this picture.

Time to sleep.
The bio-clock is screwing up again.

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