There's no coincidence but an underlying reason for everything that happened. ||

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For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction.
@ Friday, December 03, 2010

Damn old song from Tension.
I don't know why it came across my mind. I think it's somewhat 8-9 years back.
Pretty nice, I feel.

Anyway my girlfriend is finally back and we can hit back to the gym and resume our crazy cardio gym session. Seriously, kind of miss it.

I should be appearing in the west more often now and I can go with her, ha ha ha ha ha. *Psychotic thoughts* - not what you're thinking off.

Events line up for all weekends till 2011.
Sorry people, book me when the new year comes unless you can take off & leave during weekdays.

It's a love&hate thing for the new year.
Brand new year to kick start my life once again, and at the same time I can't bear to leave 2010 as it holds a lot of crazy shit that I never expected. Then again, why am I clinging onto it when time doesn't wait for anyone? Hmm....

I need to find a purpose in life first.
Like really need to. Else the same shit is gonna happen again, and again, and again...

Dreams will only just be dreams if no action is taken.

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