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@ Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Officially a Kuromi fan.

I have a nickname "Kolo-mee" given by my girlfriend cuz my name "Khloe" sounds similar like that. I don't really find a very close link with it, but anyway it has been with me for a year -_-.

Wirriam told me there's a character that sounds similar like "Kolo-mee", which is Kuromi.

Was working for the past 3 days at SRM and there's a booth that sells iPhone casings.
Just happen they have Kuromi casing and Wirriam bought that for me.
After since, I've been looking at things related to it.
I wasn't a fan of it at first, till I googled it out and it's so freaking cute - like me.

Wiki-ed it and here's an info about her:
"Although Kuromi has a rowdy free spirit, she is actually quite girly on the inside and has a soft spot for cute and handsome guys. Kuromi enjoys keeping a diary and reading romance novels."

Finally found a character that reflects myself - at least 80%.

Hahhahaa, can I be 12yo again? :O

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