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@ Monday, December 20, 2010

Past two weekends was great at the Singapore River Market.

Last night was the final day. There's love & hate for it.

Partly is because I don't have anymore nice neighbour to browse iPad, iPod, iPhone & earpieces. I swear that my presence at their booth can be counted as a part-timer there. LOL.
And I love the way the boss says "Shopping is good." Tsk.
Even Alicia is pretty much hooked onto it.

Thanks to the peepz who were involve in the event, big thank you for the hard work.
Last week I was jin moddy that they all have to help me out most of the time.
& today Gastric reunites my stomach after a short hiatus.

It's time for another short break after Christmas.
Too much things to be done.

Some times I find socializing scary. I don't know why.
I just felt I should MIA during Christmas & NY and appear again when the time comes.
Isn't in my comfort zone anymore. Bit shock to find out that I actually felt that..... Somehow, being alone is better than anything else. I hope this is temporary. Else I'm losing everyone.

Sometimes I thought I can express things out but never know those aren't the truth.
They are still remain undiscovered. Am I creating facts & memories on my own?

Still, I'm sick & tired.
I don't know when will be my sunshine.
It has been raining for the past 2 over years.

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