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@ Saturday, January 08, 2011

Ended up paid $180 instead of 90 because of serious clog in toilet bowl. WTF.
And it's just less than 10 minute work by unscrew the whole bowl out.
To find out it's actually a cloth stuck inside due to my maid's mistake.

Maybe I should learn to do 'sai kang' (shit work). My instructor ever told me cleaning public portable toilets can have a salary of approx S$6-8k. No joke. He has an ex student who does that.

I didn't know shit work in SG really pays that much. Thought it's just an overseas thing.
(But still lesser than others compared to here)
Even a toilet cleaner aunty may have salary of near S$4k (depending on their policy).
While most of the white collars work like shit and only get half of it.

Maybe I can consider.....
I should go eat shit (literally) to get immune to it to start on my shit career.
Hah, Khloe. That's not funny. :O

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