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@ Friday, January 21, 2011

It states for ages 3yrs+.

Doesn't mean there's a limit to it.


And got offer in OG somemore. HAHAHAHA.
My mom was laughing at me when I said I'm buying for myself and Alicia.

And the whole time I was looking at the toys section to check out what other things I can play with my girlfriend.

Seriously it calms one soul. :>

Now I can play it with myself with ease without snatching with my niece. Hei hei hei!

I no longer hog up infront of my computer since last year (Dec).
Been busy with random stuff. Heh heh heh.

I'm a happy kid.
Can't wait to play. Let me go pom pom first. HAHAHAHAHA. (can't stop laughing at myself)

The little kid in me will never die.
I was watching my own niece when we were eating something just now.
She used the chop stick to poke the Styrofoam plate to create holes.
And it reminds me of myself. I did the exact thing when I'm bored, even at this age.
I always see the exact thing from her, which resembles me. Sheesh.

I want to grow up also cannot. HAHAHA...

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