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For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction.
@ Sunday, January 30, 2011

Just a little bit more love
Just a little bit more passion
This is how it should begin
Skin on skin

Just a little getting close
Just a little more affection
'Cause I don't think it's a sin
Skin on skin


I'm digesting the most indigestible things on earth. Not literally.
Trying hard to. I just hope all these gut feelings are true.
Because all I want are the answers to my doubts. Even if they aren't true, I don't want to throw wild cards on my guesses all the time.
I'm tired.

Even though things go on in a different level now, but still.. my intuitions don't lie.
I'm not stupid. It's just that I'm blinded.
And I choose to believe and trust.

Mind is scary. Creates stories on its own, choosing to believe on things which don't exist.
And now suddenly I felt everything is plotted, all the way from the start.
It scares me. It's stripping everything apart.

I ever mentioned that the heart is locked, and soldered.
Kind of regret actually. Tsk... because it seriously soldered that needs major welding.
Tough metal that I can't even have a control on it.
And I fear that I'll be going around hurting precious people.
Maybe it's just another defensive mechanism. +999 defense maybe?

Leaving in 2 days time.
I hope to come back for a better self (again). Countless time I've been repeating this.
At least I know this trip is beneficial for me compared to the last one.
I should apologise that I gave a different temperature to all my dear ones. Probably I'm much more selective now.

To someone I know recently and not too recent, someone who truly understands, someone who cares, and someone whom I truly thankful for:

I just felt I should say something after so long. Thanks for existing in my life. We may be walking a different path right now. At least we did walk the same path once. I tried, probably like you did, but it didn't work out. Sadly it died, couldn't revive. Thanks for sharing, thanks for being there, thanks for listening and thanks for being a friend of mine. Though it's a shortstay, but I'm seriously thankful for it. Because I couldn't have done it during those moments of my life. Only you know how I feel, just you. But there's no 2 things on Earth are the same. Clones somewhat have difference in them. So are we.

Things just get complicated along the way. I didn't explain it myself because I felt there isn't a need to. Probably I'm the one who is saving some pride.

Maybe one day fate decides to meet again, like how parallel lines meet.. Life is full of possibilities yeah? I hope you stay positive like how you tell me to. I wish you happiness.


Honestly I never believe in friendship, which I know I will hurt someone else feelings with this line. [I classify you in another category. :>] I've been walking for almost 23years without someone who knows more than a quarter of me, no matter how much I tell about myself to that person. Because one day one of us will leave, with or without a reason, and I always try not to cling myself too much into one.

Come to think of it.. That very last line, I failed. Hah. lol.

Time to do some serious spring cleaning in my life.
Everything is damn haywire now.
Let nature take its course? Never believe in it.
Nature screws it all. Because nature (life) is not perfect, it's full of flaws.

And to someone else:
Thanks for telling me that I'm a good person.

But I believe good people have shorter life. LOL.

And to someone someone else:
Thank you.
I wish you luck wish you health wish you love with a smile.

Dedicating this song to this 'someone someone else':

“nice to meet you, I'm very happy that I've met you in my life
in here, i wish you luck and health
hope to see u again
good bye”

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