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@ Thursday, January 13, 2011


Hotel stay is quite addictive.
I'm trying myself not to get addicted.
Especially alone.

Seriously... No........ *cuts off all credit/debit cards*

Approx half a month time I'm leaving this devastated land again.
Just for a short while to getaway CNY gatherings.
Finally my wish came true to skip the yearly scary routine.

Yes, CNY is scary. The sight of red things, CNY songs, bah kwas,... Really makes me feel disgusted. Don't ask me why. I'm getting the phobia for it.
Especially relative will ask me "When are you getting married?"
For god sake, I'm not yet 23, still 22. It's not like I'm 32!

And not long after that it's gonna be OCBC Cycles. 40km marathon!
I've yet to buy bike mount for the car. Else I don't know how I'm gonna bring the whole bike to the race venue.

And and and then... Cruise?!
My traveling khaki (incase that person don't know.. she's the girl who loves me dip dip), please plan hor. :x

Plus mid-year Aussie getaway too. I hope Aussie don't sink, after all the floods.
Please snow during winter! I got a feeling the temperature will drop a lot during winter this year, like China.

Just sick of this place. (it's my millionth time saying this line)
No matter what I do, I don't know how to make myself happier other than contributing to the Tourism industry.

K, night people.
God knows what's gonna happen tomorrow.

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