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@ Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The other day we went to Seletar airbase to eat Buffalo wings.

Our first virgin trip. We were shock when we reached that place.
We never expect there's an eating place at that area. Very out of place.
Sis said it's more like kampung "blangah" makan area. -_-

Tried out the 'Level 1' as a starter.

They have Level 1 to 10, and Level 30 (seriously god mode) which is off the menu.

It's really nice!
Brother in law said we should jump to level 4 and challenge ourselves.
And he really ordered it.

HAHA. And it was damn spicy for the first few minutes. After that it's still quite ok to finish up the rest of them.

Sis said we should go back for another round and have Level 5. Hmm... Hopefully one of the days this week before nephew is out.

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