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@ Friday, February 25, 2011

I have one of the best laugh with Alicia.
Never have a good one for such a long time.

We were are Nan Xiang eating xiao long bao yesterday after gym.
And I said I don't want to eat them anymore because I ate so many other dishes.
She said I should eat them all since she's so full.
Thought that the last piece was still there, I used my chop stick to find it at the end of the table.

K: Eh? Where is it?

A: What are you doing?

K: Finding the last one?

A: I ate it already.


A: You said you don't want it.

K: Didn't. Omg, why you ate it! :(

And we laughed like hell.

K: I think I want to buy movie ticket later.

A: What movie are you watching?

K: 127 hours I guess?

A: So poor thing. Watch alone.

K: Ya lor.

A: Next time you should try not using your phone for 127 hours.

K: Hmmm.

K & A: 127 hours is how many days?

K: LOL. I think 5.5 days? 4? 4.5 days?

A: ..... Let me calculate it myself.

K: You go try lah! 5 days. No phone. No computer. No others. Only you.

A: What's with the "Only you"?

K: HAHA, make it sounds more dramatic.

A: .......

Then we went to foot the bill.
While queuing..
I forgot what she said, something like "Lets go out now" (without paying)
And I said something like "Yeah, we go toilet without paying"
Then there's a pause.

A: You go toilet now lor.

K: Huh? For what?

A: I thought you say you want to go toilet?

K: I didn't say it" *look elsewhere*

A stare at K.

K turned and laughed.

A: ....... Tell me what you said just now?

K: Erm. Nothing.

A: >:(

Omgosh. Major miscom.

Then we walked down to another level and saw rabbit plushies.


A: Yeah!

K stopped and stare.

A: Erm...

K: Let's go see? Hehehehe.


A: You buy lor. You're the one inside the shop.

K: Ok, you pick one and I buy for you.

A:I don't want.

K: I said I buy for you.

A: But I really dont want.

K: You said you like the one with the hat right?

A: I dont want that. So what are you getting?

K: I think this one. QUICK! Tell me what you wanttttttttt?


K: I BUY FOR YOU LAH!!! >: (

A: Dont want!!!!!

Shop lady: You two are so funny. She wants to buy for you but you don't want it.

K: Ya lor! Give me face leh!

Shop lady: Hahahaha!

K: OK, I decide for you.

A: I don't want.

K told the Shop Lady to get 2 plushies.

A: ...... *Whisper to Shop Lady* You don't give her paper bag ok?

K: Never mind. I don't mind.

After paying the stuff, Shop Lady passed me a paper bag with both items inside.

K: YAYY!! I have a paper bag. Alicia, this is yours, without the paper bag! :D

A: Can I have a paper bag?


Shop Lady: ..... *No reaction*


A: *Repeats* Can I have a paper bag?

Shop Lady: OH!

K: Don't give her! HAHAHA!

We went to Cathay to buy movie ticket.

A: Can I check the slots for tomorrow?

Counter: Ok. Movie for?

K: One.


K: Shut up please.

K: 127 hours.

A: Why you so poor thing.

K: .... I'll choose XX seat.

A: Awwww.

K: Go away lah.

Counter: One ticket for tomorrow, at XX XX timing. *tears ticket*

Omg, we laughed until stomach ache.
I love her so much. HAHAHAHA...

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