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@ Thursday, February 24, 2011

I've read a part of my old entry in another private blog.

How much I can blog about life in the past and now I've been typing nonsense for the past years.



Life is good.
Good with the 2 kids.
Managing daily house routines, self, girlfriends, everything.
Mainly family, family and family...

Though sometimes the tiredness kicks in but it makes me feel that the effort I've put in for the day is worth the tiredness.

Strangely, this positiveness possessed me overnight! Not last night but I think it's sometime a few weeks ago? I don't even realise it actually..
I feel so happy for myself.

This is so unlike me.
But I'm loving it. :>

Emo is out of my dictionary.
At least for now.

I know I will bring many smiles to the people who are reading this.
I know who you are!!! Because I know who are the one who stalks my blog!!!!
I'm watching you too. Right behind you. :O

Getting crazy.
I think it's some sugar rush in me?

Taiwan trip soon?
With my girlfriend? Or alone?
Or someone else? Who?

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