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@ Saturday, February 05, 2011

Two woman
Same taste
Similar style
Cheap place

You know what's gonna happen.

I think it's the very first time I bought SO MUCH within few days.

Day 1 shopping

Combined buys. Of cuz not me alone!

Day 2 Shopping

Day 3...
Didn't upload but it's more than day 1. HAHAHA.

Ended up all of us are like: Yes sir, yes sir, 3 bags full.

The very last place we went before going to the airport is the Milk Cafe'.

I spotted a very nice line in their shop!

Great place, I love the concept.
Except there's mosquitoes hiding in every corner.

Alicia bought me a kuromi bean cushion as valentines day present!
It's pretty handy when we are coming back to SG, after being stuck in airport & airplane for more than 6 hours (include waiting time)

Technical fault and made use transfer to a new plane.
They U-turn back and we waited for hours!
Thank god they found out before we take off.
Else......... probably I won't be sitting here blogging. Hahahaha.

And because of that, I was emo-ing one corner without an iPad. LOL.
We two can't stop laughing at my stupidity. Some inside joke.
The people are pissed and disappointed in plane. I think both of us are the only one laughing :x


And we keep on spotting on Rabbit prints tshirt or any things that has bunnies.
Better buy before they are gone this year!

Hei hei hei.
First trip with my girlfriend was great!
More to come hor.
You plan ah! :x

Btw, Gong Hei Fatt Choy to everyone!
My lisence card is finally here at my letter box!

Ciaos all.
It's almost 4am!

Side note: No matter how far I go, you're still haunting somewhere near.
Just can't ditch it off. Shit.

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